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Test ordering of members at any level of a dimension or hierarchy

System under test

If you're not familiar with the way to specify a test on members of a dimension, read first the article about Tests on dimension's members.


The assertion consists in a check that members are displayed in a specified order. So we need to specify that we'll perform an assertion of type "order":
Then we need to stipulate the rule for ordering:
<ordered rule="alphabetical"/>
The options available are
  • alphabetical
  • chronological
  • numerical
  • specific
Note that if a member cannot be converted to a valid date or numeric (and you're applying a rule chronological or numerical) the test will not failed. The test will simply ignore this member. This is not a bug but it's done by design. If we were failing the test when failing to convert a member, it'd mean that members such as "N/A" or "Unknown" in a numerical or date attribute will always break the test. It's probably not what you want.

If we're checking that the hierarchy named "MyHierarchy" is ordered alphabetically:
    	    <hierarchy caption="MyHierarchy" dimension="MyDimension" perspective="MyPerspective"
		connectionString="Provider=MSOLAP.4;Data Source=MyServer;Integrated Security=SSPI;Initial Catalog=MyCube;"/>
        <ordered rule="alphabetical"/>

Specific order

For some dimensions/hierarchies/levels, we're using a specific order to display the members. By specific we mean that you cannot simply use the predefined rules alphabetical, chronological, numerical.

For this we'll use the rule named "specific" and define what we're expecting. This is done by the usage of tags "rule-definition" and "item".
<ordered rule="specific">
        <item>My First Item</item>
        <item>My Second Item</item>
        <item>My Third Item</item>
        <item>My Fourth Item</item>
        <item>My Last Item</item>

If, when executing, the test is receiving a member named "My Fifth Item" not defined in your rule, the test will not failed. If the members have no item named "My First Item", again, the test will not failed. You should use the assertion named "contains" to ensure a member is available in a hierarchy or level.

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