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Add the possibility to define a default-type for values in a result-set


Current, the default-type of a column with role"value" is systematically "numeric" and can't be overridden. If you've a result-set where all the value columns are "text" you need to create one-by-one the tags "column" and redefine the type for each column. It should be possible to simplify this.

Should be possible to define
<equalTo keys="first" values-default-type="text">
in place of
<equalTo keys="first">
    <column index="1" role="value" type="text"/>
    <column index="2" role="value" type="text"/>
    <column index="3" role="value" type="text"/>
    <column index="4" role="value" type="text"/>
Closed Jul 26, 2015 at 1:23 PM by Seddryck
Released in v1.10