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Source your test-cases from a query

Since version 1.6, you can source your test cases from a query in place of a CSV file. The query could be an MDX or SQL query. Each column will be converted to a variable available to provide to the template.

To use this feature, first click on the tab Query, to switch to the panel for the definition of your query.

01 - Click on query tab.png

You must define the connection-string to your source system. For this click on the icon to add a new connection-string.

02 - Click to add a connection-string.png

fill the connection-string and click on apply

03 - write connection-string and click apply.png

You can repeat these operations as often as you need, to register a few connection-strings. When done, select one of the defined connection-strings

04 - Select connection-string.png

Write your sql query in the text area and click on the icon to execute your query.

05 - Fill your query.png

The result will be displayed in the classical table.

06 - Result-displayed.png

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