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Compare actual members with members of another instance of the cube

This feature lets you compare the members of an hierarchy or level to the members of another hierarchy/level or to another instance of the cube. The main purpose of this feature is to let you compare members between different environments or between releases.


The assertion is not special, you can use the three classical asserters: contain, subsetOf and equivalentTo. Inside your xml element, you'll need to define an element members containing an element level or hierarchy exactly as for your system-under-test.
<test name="Members of department bellow 'Corporate' are in a subset of themselves" uid="0001">  
        <members children-of="Corporate">  
            <hierarchy caption="Departments" dimension="Department" perspective="Adventure Works"/>  
            <members children-of="Corporate" >  
                <hierarchy caption="Departments" dimension="Department" perspective="Adventure Works"  
                    connectionString="Provider=MSOLAP.4;Data Source=(local)\SQL2012;Initial Catalog='Adventure Works DW 2012';localeidentifier=1033"  

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